About Jan Potter

Sewing has been a part of my life since learning to sew at the age of six. So it is really not surprising that I found my way into the world of fiber art. What is surprising is that it took me so long to get there. I have always enjoyed working with fabric and thread, sewing for myself and others. It just hadn't occurred to me that I could use those same materials to create works of art.

My first "art quilt" called "Serengeti Triptych" won 1st place in the "Pictorial" category at the Arizona Quilter's Guild show in 2008 and my new hobby became a passion. I took classes in design and composition and enrolled in seminars given by well known Art Quilters whose work I admire. My background in sewing and tailoring provides the foundation for quality craftsmanship in my work which is important to me. I never race the clock for fear of compromising my personal standards. Because I am employed full time outside of the home, my studio time must be carefully planned and prioritized. The time spent creating in my studio is a source of pure joy for me.

My art is a reflection of my life—places I have been, people I have met, things I enjoy doing and things that are important to me. I am inspired by nature; colorful flowers, landscapes, the faces of loyal pets or animals in the wild. My experiences scuba diving in the Red Sea are reflected in my underwater designs. Trips to Africa were the inspiration for Serengeti Triptych and probably many more projects to come. These things provide me endless inspiration and I hope my work allows those who see it a moment to appreciate the natural beauty that is all around us.

My art has been recognized both locally and nationally in juried shows and publications. In addition to "Serengeti Triptych" mentioned above, "Lion of the Sea" won 1st place in the American Quilter's Society national online contest and was published in the American Quilter magazine in May 2008. And "White Buffalo Calf Woman Rhapsody" was awarded 1st place in the Innovative Wall Quilt category at the 2010 Road 2 California show. It also received the Judges Choice for Exceptional Use of Color at the Arizona Quilter's Guild show and was published in "Desert Visions," a book by Ricky Tims.

I am a member of International Quilt Association (IQA), Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), American Quilter Society (AQS), Arizona Quilt Guild (AQG) and The Mavericks, an art quilt group in Phoenix.